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A child being immunized at Iresikinto outreach centre

Humanitarian Response

We implement development programmes and respond whenever there is a humanitarian emergency that impacts children by providing lifesaving interventions based on needs identified. In 2019 we are responding to the following emergencies: 

Measles outbreak 

We responded to the measles in Wajir county in 2019 providing lifesaving measles vaccinations and treatment of children with moderate and severe malnutrition. Our Emergency Health Unit intervened to contain this outbreak. A mass immunisation campaign targeting children 6-59 months was conducted across the entire country. We created creating awareness within the community, transported vaccines and procured Vitamin A. The campaign was from 16-22 March 2019.  

The total number of children (6-59 months) that were reached was 99,011.  

Cholera Outbreak 

271 people including 156 children were infected with cholera during the outbreak in Kutulo, Mandera county in May 2019. We complimented the work done by the county government. Our interventions focused on procurement of medical supplies required for treatment and community activities to prevent further infection. 

Horn of Africa drought 

The Long Rains Assessment released in August 2019 show that an estimated 2.5 million people are severely food insecure, with 298,000 people in emergency. Half of these are children and the numbers are expected to increase. 

We have developed a response plan in operational areas of Mandera, Wajir, Turkana and Garissa., where the overall goal is to implement and promote sustainable drought response interventions that address immediate and acute needs and to build longer-term community resilience

Humanitarian response