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Children run and play

Child Protection

Every child deserves to be protected from any form of violence, abuse of any nature, exploitation and neglect. However, child marriage is so prevalent in Kenya that around 27% of rural and 19% of urban girls are married before they turn eighteen years of age. 

Sexual violence against girls is also very high with 1 in every 3 girls having experienced sexual violence during their childhood.

Violence, abuse and exploitation have profound effect on the lives of children such as low self-esteem and severe dissociative states.

We work to ensure transparency in government decision making and robust accountability mechanisms for the realisation of children's rights. We advocate at both national and subnational levels to increase budgetary allocations to child sensitive sectors.

Josephine, 34, with her children Shadrack, 6, and Ellie, 5 months

Our interventions include:

Steps to protect 

We are taking effective steps to ensure that children are effectively protected by offering an integrated approach, which provides those that are working with children that are in need of care and protection with a step-by-step process to manage each case. This ensures that children receive the right support they need, on time and in a systematic way. This approach focuses mainly on the psychological and social support. 

Strengthened Systems 

Government and community based child protection mechanisms will ensure that children are protected. In partnership with the government, we are setting up and strengthening existing structures and mechanisms that will increase children’s protection at home, in school and in the community. 

Parenting without violence 

This approach involves working with fathers, mothers, caregivers, communities and children to transform gender norms, power dynamics and acceptable practices that drive violence in the home. At the same time, we work with the government to strengthen systems and mechanisms that increase children’s protection.   

Matthew, 13, sits with his brothers and sisters in their village in Turkana, northwestern Kenya

Child Participation 

This is enhancing and increasing the level of involvement and engagement of children to advocate for and influence appropriate changes in community practices. 

Accountability Mechanism 

We ensure child protection mechanisms are strengthened to effectively incorporate accountability mechanisms by ensuring that the systems in place are effective and that they address child protection needs. Allocation of adequate funding also ensures that the existing child protection mechanisms are strengthened. 

Positive Discipline 

We put measures in place to ensure children are safe and protected. Positive discipline places emphasis on working with parents and care givers to use techniques of discipline rather than punish children and supports zero tolerance on any form of corporal punishment.