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19 May 2021 - News

Madagascar facing a drought

Southern Madagascar is facing a humanitarian crisis, with 1.14 million people[1] (half the region’s population ) needing immediate emergency food assistance (IPC 3 and above). Three straight years of drought have wiped out harvests and hampered people's access to food and COVID-19 is compounding their suffering OCHA observes that the desperate situation contributed to displacement of 4,000 people—including more than 1,000 children—since January 2021 in search of assistance and support. 135,000 children under 5 years old require treatment for acute malnutrition. Save the Children has launched a funding appeal for $2M and aims to implement a partner led cash assistance and child protection programme to 400 households in Amboasary to households with malnourished children to meet immediate food and non-food needs. Save the Children will continue to mobilize resources and capacity to respond to the current crisis.


[1] Madagascar Humanitarian Snapshot-March 2021.