Health & Nutrition

Tuesday 21 January 2020

First Lady commits to promote child health


By Jeconia Otieno

 First Lady Margaret Kenyatta (pictured) has said she will continue working towards better healthcare for children.

 Mrs Kenyatta lauded humanitarian organisation Save the Children for its work in the most marginalised and deprived areas in Kenya amplifying the voices of children.

Monday 28 October 2019

Where children miss key services


By Jeckonia Otieno

Rukia Ahmed’s one-year-old gets four injections at once under a tree at El Yunis, 40km from Wajir town.

This is the first time the child is being immunized after birth. The outreach supported by humanitarian organization, Save the Children, provides hope for many members of the nomadic community.

Ms Ahmed and her family live about 60km from the nearest heath facility and with constant movement in search of water and pasture, health is on a back-burner, leaving many children uncovered by crucial services like vaccination. 

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Where outreach is the most basic source of healthcare

By Jeckonia Otieno

A cart carrying five children and a woman stops under a thorny shurb at El Yunis, some 40 kilometres north of Wajir Town

Pulling it are two donkeys directed by Jimale Dakane. They have taken three thours to cover a 15km didtance from their village to arrive here for the much needed health services.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Health experts urge use of medicine to prevent umbilical cord infections

By Delfhin Mugo

On a hot Wednesday afternoon in one of the many homesteads that make Kaya West Village in Bungoma County, a young mother sits on a wooden chair taking cover from the sweltering sun.

Under the shade provided by her mud house, she carefully balances a baby on her arms, shielding her bundle of joy from the sun.

Thursday 9 May 2019

Pneumonia: The forgotten child killer

By Florence Dzame- Communications and Campaigns Manager

At the Lodwar County and Referral Hospital (LCRH) in Northern Kenya, Emanman, 8, and his siblings are receiving treatment in the in-patient ward. It is a hot day and a dusty breeze hits the open window into the ward that they share with other patients. His siblings Achuka, 2, and Alice who is 4 months old have all been diagnosed with pneumonia.